About Gank Outdoors

Gank Outdoors started as an idea while sitting around a fire, late at night, with friends, deep in the British Columbia bush. 

Born and raised in Taranaki, New Zealand, I have always spent a lot of my spare time outdoors. Some of my best memories are cooking bbqs outside and camping in the kiwi bush. 

After years of throwing ideas around and many nights of "we should do this" and "we should do that", I finally sat down and put ideas into action. I wrote out a business plan, penned down some designs and ideas and got the ball rolling.

Gank Outdoors is a small Vancouver based company looking to supply outdoor enthusiasts with high quality outdoor cooking tools, equipment and merchandise.

Our products are co-designed in Canada and New Zealand, mostly hand crafted in British Columbia, Canada.

We are here to make your next outdoor cooking adventure come true. We are growing our product range and delivering top quality local products to ensure you enjoy your time outside cooking with friends and family.

 -Sebastian Bradley